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Cyberbullying: The least to expect of your school

Cyberbullying: The least to expect of your school

Managing a cyberbullying situation is terrifying for a parent. A few of the greatest issues are both the lack of knowledge in how to handle the situation, a difficulty to get to the truth, and the disappointing lack of support from the school. Tackling cyberbullying must be a case of establishing a culture of no tolerance, but one step better is to build a foundation where all parties come together (select parents, pupils and principal) to deliver a multi-prong committee to review recent issues and upcoming threats.

1.     What’s the policy? 

Is it crystal clear in terms of a policy document, as well as posters around the schools, flyers, emails to parents of what the school will tolerate or not.

And what are the consequences?

2.     Create a multipronged task team.

Get parents teachers and children to meet as a group and discuss the real issues, then set a task on what to do next.

3.     Education.

What extent do you update your pupils on the latest apps issues security violations priavcy rule changes, school legal consequences, and so on?

Is there a program in place with timings and a responsible person to run them?

4.     Helplines.

How easy is it for a child to get help what you want anonymity is there a phone number or in the suggestions box or a counselor.

How easy are you making it for the child to get help?

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