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Advising Therapists

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Advising Therapists

What is happening to our children, and how can we help?
Mental health professionals may understand the mind, but there’s still so much that psychologists could never know with regards to social media and smart devices – simply because they are not Millennials. In fact, given limited time, and having families of their own, some psychologists and therapists can find themselves wanting in understanding how and why these children present with various disorders.
MySociaLife presents a free presentation to help unpack how things are unfolding for this generation as the technology forges ahead at frightening speed leaving parents behind, how they can re-build or establish a set of digital values and behaviors, and why their supervising adults need to more accountable and responsible.
In addition, the presentation unearths the invisible architecture within the platform that keep our kids hooked while offering specific practical insights and tips on key topics from a knowledge of apps, cyberbullying, sexting, body image, privacy and settings, and more.
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