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Educating Teachers

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Educating Teachers

Devices and social media: A powerful adversary in the classroom, in the playground, and on campus.

Digital and social media has changed our kids’ lives. Absolutely for the better. But, in some cases, and with some children, problems such as cyberbullying, low self-esteem, limited sleep, attention issues, and a host of mental and emotional disorders, have brought bright and happy students crashing down, leaving committed teachers in despair.


Building a solid foundation of digital values and a robust digital culture cannot be achieved by the principal alone, nor a social media document. The critical building blocks are cemented by a combination of principal, senior staff, teachers and counselors working together, surrendering to the fact that technology, devices, and social media are a ubiquitous aspect of children’s lives.


Statistics show that teachers may either like or loathe digital and social media, resistant to taking on the additional task of being a digital educator, inspiration or guardian. After all, this is a parent’s role.


Far from the truth, the greatest progress is achieved when all parties come together to make digital education a cornerstone of school culture – as important as a school subject or sports practice – and bringing together parents, students, and teachers to share ideas and initiatives that tackle the challenges and opportunities that this explosive wave of technology has presented us with.

A united, educated team of teachers that are up to date, and equipped with the latest information, will be able to spot, understand and potentially solve digital events as they bubble to the surface.


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