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Transform your school’s digital culture – guiding students to be safer and smarter online

Training learners, parents and teachers – affordably and easily – from anywhere in the world

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Digital Citizenship: The big challenge (and opportunity) facing schools today

Future-proof your school (and protect its reputation!) through digital citizenship, media literacy and online safety

Our online training program teaches thousands of students throughout the year about the often invisible complexity of life online. We listen to their feedback. Their stories give us the inside track to understand their fears, as they share the latest trends, dares and dangers. As importantly, we also train their parents, and their teachers, and mental health professionals and GPs too. From this unique four-dimensional vantage point, there is no digital education trainer closer to the ground on the multiple challenges that come with using devices, social media, education tools, apps and games.

We see it all, every week of the year: Cyberbullying, mental health concerns, sexual advances, extortion, privacy violation, security threats, and reputation risks to both student and school. One guarantee: This reality will not relent. It’s time to equip everyone involved – our teens, pre-teens and the adults who care for them. Four approaches to Generation Z’s great fork in the road. What will we do with these challenges and opportunities of The Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Welcome to MySociaLife. Where safer, smarter humans can explore and excel.

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Dr Willem de Jager, Principal Psychologist, Child Psychiatry Unit, Red Cross Children’s Hospital

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Have parents ‘got it covered’? Have they been trained about their kids’ digital world? Whether they are teenagers or pre-teens, if they’re online, they need guidance. Most parents report back to us that they are amazed by how little they really know about their child’s life online.

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Attention, focus, disruption, and embarrassing online (and reputation harming) pranks on teachers: The reality is that teachers have more to deal with now than ever before. Technology is ‘the great enabler’ but it comes with a new dimension of complexity.

Wellbeing Professionals

We train the Child Psychiatry Unit of Red Cross Children’s Hospital Africa (and other hospitals) and the majority of psychologists admit to not being able to understand the diverse online context that is troubling those needing mental and emotional support

Why choose us?

A World-Class Framework

  • We are partnered with the world leaders in online safety and digital citizenship, ensuring the highest quality of curriculum to upgrade your school’s digital culture. In fact, MySociaLife travelled to New York to partner with two of the world’s finest and most reputable frameworks, The World Economic Forum and Common Sense Media. Read more…
  • We then employed a Brains Trust of top psychologists, privacy and security advocates, and a sexologist to test our assumptions – and our training modules. Read more…
  • Finally, we ask our cohort of (several thousand) students to constructively criticize the content, the presenter and the level of engagement. Every item of feedback helps us to remain hyper-relevant to the age groups. See results here…

Real value

What will you get for your investment?

  • Get 16 x 30-minute lessons per year (or 8 x 60-minute lessons)
  • Each term we release 2 x 60-minute modules, ‘drip-fed’ twice a term, in order to keep the content relevant + new levels of training every 12 months
  • A teacher lesson plan makes every session easy to manage. Just login & go!
  • Each module contains highly visual engaging slides with animations and videos from global teachers and influencers
  • Every module allows for discussion and debate to increase engagement
  • Each module offers quiz questions for teachers to assess progress
  • Progressive levels of certification awarded at the end of every year

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experience & expertise

The Trainer

To teach this diverse set of lessons – and to four different audiences – it ideally requires a blend of social and digital media experience, a love of technology expertise, a first-hand experience of mental health, social emotional learning (SEL), it helps a great deal if they’re a parent, and should do their best to not be *cringe* as the students so aptly put it.

The Students Speak

The most important testimonials do not hail from the principal, or the parents, or the teachers. They come the students, the hardest audience of all to please.

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