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About Us & What We Do

MySociaLife offers an in-school Digital Life Skills Program to Grade 4 to 11 learners,

but also offers three customised 60-minute presentations to help 1) parents 2) teachers and 3) school counsellors/mental health professionals

to keep up with the latest social media and smartphone concerns, helping kids to feel safer, and behave smarter, online.

Teaching students Grade 4 to 11

Offering 10 important modules over a year, the MySociaLife ‘Digital Life Skills’ Program carefully exposes the diverse considerations of life on devices and social media platforms. Spanning digital critical thinking, cyberbullying, sexuality online, reputation management and identity, the latest app reviews, privacy and cybersecurity, empathy and resilience, the program establishes a framework of digital values, which will lead to safer, smarter kids online who will be able to demonstrate more awareness of the issues, respond accordingly, and make better choices both online and offline before entering a frenetic and competitive varsity and workplace environment.

Supporting parents

We deliver 60-minute training sessions to parents of children from Grade 4 to 7 and also to parents of learners Grade 8 to 12. The different presentations cover the challenges within each age group, explaining the risks to your children, the latest apps, privacy settings, cyberbullying, sexting, while covering the more pressing issues of establishing digital values in your home.

Consulting principals and training teachers

We train and guide school staff about the latest concerns in social media and digital technology, to ensure even the most ‘non-tech’ teachers grasp what is happening out there, and the tips on how to handle it. Most importantly, we co-build realistic and usable social media policies to ensure your school has ongoing training in place and lives up to its promise – demonstrating to concerned parents that your school is up-to-date and proactive, and protecting it from unnecessary reputational crisis.

Educating mental health professionals

Partnering with one of South Africa’s leading child (cognitive) behaviour therapists, David Rosenstein, we are currently delivering a 90-minute speed seminar to mental health professionals on social and digital media, examining the latest apps and technology that are causing mental health issues – depression, anxiety, body image, for example – in young learners and teenagers, and proposing possible approaches and solutions.

Technical & psychological elements combined, packaged in a way you can understand. We’re parents ourselves, after all.

There are great social media educators out there. Our differentiator lies in understanding how this affects our children’s development – both mental, emotional and academic – and looking at how we can help them to make safer and smarter decisions – on their own. Education and empowerment are among the best gifts we can give our children…

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What Psychologists Say About Us

We started out by testing our content with our toughest audience – mental health specialists – before we moved to focus on schools and parents

Course Director
Dean McCoubrey

A parent of teens and pre-teens, Dean has been an expert in traditional, digital and social media for over 20 years. From this perspective, he realised that kids could benefit from guidance around the evolving nature of the media. His passion is education and guidance for young learners to develop their awareness and resilience.

Consultant Child Therapist
Dr. David Rosenstein

David Rosenstein works with children, teenagers, and adults in the areas of anxiety and depression, as well as phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic, psychological trauma, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, and ADHD: ``Dean has tirelessly researched, networked, trialed and consulted with experts to provide a balanced view on the technology, mental health dangers, and the solutions that extend into forming positive habits and developing an awareness of what is right and wrong, safe or strong.``

Project Manager
Mary-Ann Hut

Mary-Ann is an amazing organiser. She has the ability to retain a phenomenal amount of information, collate and then organise it into actions to be completed. Her skills extend into social media and digital marketing as well as direct communications and managing partner relationships. She's a real gem.

MSL on social media: Follow us @MySociaLifeSA

How We Do What We Do

Technology is a runaway train. Somehow we have to try to keep up, for our kids’ sake.

Extensive research

MySociaLife has been the end result of two years of extensive research and collaboration

Daily Alerts

We receive daily bulletins from our partners or peers globally to track technology and cases

Brains Trust

We combine the insights from leading educators, teachers and a group of parents and learners to stay abreast of ``reality``

Global partners

We have commenced discussions with local and international partners that specialise in different areas of relevance - cyberbullying, sexting, privacy, latest apps

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