Meet the #GenZ team at MySociaLife

This core group makes sure that our message of online safety here at MySociaLife hits home with the new generation… because, well, they’re a part of it.

They’re our bridge across the generation gap that just keeps getting bigger because let’s be real, children are growing up in a very different world from the one their parents and teachers grew up in.

They were all teens not so long ago and have had the same experiences as our students. They each play a vital role in researching, producing and promoting our content and program, ensuring it stays fresh and relevant to the high school students we’re teaching.

Frances (age 21):

Frances, A.K.A Franci, loves creating meaningful content that makes a positive impact in people’s lives. When she’s not managing the team or creating epic designs, you’ll find her trail running, mountain biking or exploring the mountains. She enjoys working for MySociaLife because the work she gets to do is fun, creative and makes a positive impact in the world!

Henry (age 23):

Known as Henno’s by his friends, Henry’s favourite thing to do for work is film extreme sports. This is not surprising, as when he’s not filming them, he’s doing his own sports of bodyboarding and downhill biking. The best thing about working for MySociaLife, according to Henry, is the projects which offer a unique blend of flexibility and creative freedom, executed on a professional level.

Havana (age 20):

Responds to Hav, Vans, Hannah — gets way too much enjoyment from playing with language and telling stories that matter. You’ll often find her nose in a book, analysing films or on the tennis court. MySociaLife is the place for her because she loves writing about topics that she’s passionate about and promoting positivity among teens and parents.