OK, so who needs training?

All schools request a custom quote for the number of students they wish to enrol.
The more students that enrol, the lower the ‘per student’ price 
Parents may pay via Credit Card, PayPal, or Stripe – or via Internet Banking into our account. We then provide you with your login.


R 140 or $10 Per Teacher
  • 75 minute video (or webinar)
  • Tips, tools, downloads
  • Innovative teaching tools
  • Quiz / Assessment


Now R50 Or $3.50 to $7 Per Student

Based on number of students
Priced per student/per lesson

(see price bands below)
  • 1 hour lesson per module (8 in total per year)

    + Teacher Pack to run the lesson

    + Quiz / Assessment

    + Student Certificate 
  • 500+ students: R50 or $3.50 per student
  • 250 to 499 students: R75 or $5 per student
  • 100 to 249 students: R95 or $7 per student
sale price


R 260 Or $19 Per Parent
  • 75 minute video (or webinar)
  • Tips, tools, downloads
  • Book list and links
  • Quiz


R 750 Per Person
  • 45 minute video (or webinar) training
  • Teen social landscape insights
  • 17 Apps to support you + tips, tools, downloads, book list & links
  • Quiz / Assessment

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