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How we help parents

Parents are needing guidance, struggling to understand the complex world of social media, trends, apps, hoaxes, safety risks, and how to create a healthy relationship around technology so kids can be safe, smart and excel. Do you need this help?

We can guide you in four ways

Parent presentation at your school (evenings)

We deliver a 60-minute in-person training session in schools around the country to both grade 4 to 7, as well as grade 8 to 12 parents (two different presentations). These cover the topics of understanding your child’s social media or gaming landscape, the latest apps, risks, challenges, hoaxes, and settings. If you are in any way concerned about what your child might be exposed to, or the risks they may be taking, this presentation has consistently been rated as A-grade by parents nationwide (with the data to prove it). We provide tips for parents, and tips you can teach your teens or pre-teens, as well as smartphone and social media agreements or boundary tools, monitoring apps, and how to set up the device correctly.

Webinar training (login from anywhere)

Our 60-minute online training via webinar follows the same content path as the live/in-person presentations that we share with parents in schools. Groups of parents are provided with a registration link and receive a payment receipt which allows them to log in to the webinar easily, watch an hour of training (also with your partner) with live questions submitted via a chat window. Webinars are available for teens and also pre-teens – one session for Grade 4 to 7 and one for parents of learners Grade 8 to 12. For any school, we only need a minimum of 30 parents to deliver a parent webinar to any parent, community or religious group in the country.

School info pack: Ask for us at your school!

After any presentation with parents, we are asked “how can I get your program into my child’s school?” We now provide any parent who wishes to “champion” our program with 1) an emailer to send to the principal and 2) the data from our program which proves it to be the #1 digital life skills training in the country, based upon student feedback! No better endorsement than that. We have a complete step-by-step information pack so that neither the parent or the school have to go to great lengths. The data and feedback speak for itself. The school normally either wants it or doesn’t want it. But it needs the parent’s motivation to support the process.

Parent emailer

We work with a host of leading mental health, technology, sexology, and neuroscience partners, and share the latest developments in the online space from the latest red alert apps or hoaxes, keeping parents in tune with the child’s digital and social media world. We also share the latest upcoming training via webinar or in your region. Topics include anxiety, body image, gaming, privacy and security, sexuality.

Parents need to be guided by instructors who have kids themselves. Who know the difficulties and realities of tiring arguments, standoffs, and secrecy. We’re parents ourselves, we know the drill.

Our view is that we can bridge the generational and technological divide but it requires parents to view this new challenge from a slightly different standpoint. We have been caught off-guard and unaware by technology, and now we need to get up-to-speed. Fast. But parents need competent experts who really get the obstacles and know how the tools to help kids make safer and smarter decisions – on their own. Education and empowerment are among the best gifts we can give our children…

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What Psychologists Say About Us

We started out by testing our content with our toughest audience – mental health specialists – before we moved to focus on schools and parents

Course Director
Dean McCoubrey

A parent of teens and pre-teens, Dean has been an expert in traditional, digital and social media for over 20 years. From this perspective, he realised that kids could benefit from guidance around the evolving nature of the media. His passion is education and guidance for young learners to develop their awareness and resilience.

Consultant Child Therapist
Dr. David Rosenstein

David Rosenstein works with children, teenagers, and adults in the areas of anxiety and depression, as well as phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic, psychological trauma, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, and ADHD: ``Dean has tirelessly researched, networked, trialed and consulted with experts to provide a balanced view on the technology, mental health dangers, and the solutions that extend into forming positive habits and developing an awareness of what is right and wrong, safe or strong.``

Project Manager
Mary-Ann Hut

Mary-Ann is an amazing organiser. She has the ability to retain a phenomenal amount of information, collate and then organise it into actions to be completed. Her skills extend into social media and digital marketing as well as direct communications and managing partner relationships. She's a real gem.

Researcher / Social Media
Frances Weiner

Frances is an exceptionally talented and driven young lady. She was selected as one of just 100 to receive the prestigious Allan Gray scholarship, after a series of interviews & tests to be shortlisted, and MySociaLife snapped up her up to join us, as our teen star that would shed further light on the realities of youth 'from the inside', bringing both reality and honesty into our awareness campaigns. Only #GenZ can truly understand and unpack the trials and tribulations of #GenZ.

MSL on social media: Follow us @MySociaLifeSA

How We Do What We Do

Technology is a runaway train. Somehow we have to try to keep up, for our kids’ sake.

Extensive research

MySociaLife has been the end result of two years of extensive research and collaboration

Daily Alerts

We receive daily bulletins from our partners or peers globally to track technology and cases

Brains Trust

We combine the insights from leading educators, teachers and a group of parents and learners to stay abreast of ``reality``

Global partners

We have commenced discussions with local and international partners that specialise in different areas of relevance - cyberbullying, sexting, privacy, latest apps

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