Senior School Program: Critical Thinking

Program Contents

Lectures: 8 x 60 minute courses

Quizzes: 8

Duration: 8 hours

Skill level: Ages 13 to 17

Language: English

Assessments: Yes


The MySociaLife 8-module program for students:


Schools are swimming upstream against the complex social land with new apps, privacy settings.

A web-based learning system, either students can learn online themselves – just login and learn – OR each 60-minute module can be taught by a teacher. Each module comes with a lesson plan and a teacher resource pack.

8 modules taught via video within a website-based Learning Management System (LMS), approximately 8 hours (or 16 x 30-minute sessions) spanning 8 topics of digital life skills, online safety, social media, digital wellbeing and critical thinking online. **Teachers (LO, IT or Pastoral/Wellbeing) can run this via lesson plan / teacher pack – just login & learn.

This octagonal perspective delivers a multi-dimensional framework of ‘digital values’. The modules are driven by two world-class curricular, an international speaker, and driven by relatable content – trending videos, influencers, and animations – helping to generate real impact.

What students will cover in the course


  • If a teacher is running the course, this will require internet connection and a projector / TV
  • It is more preferable that this is taught by a Life Skills / Orientation Teacher, an IT Teacher, but it is not a necessity – as a video training course, no previous Life Orientation teaching experience is needed. 
  • If students are taking the course with support – they just log in and learn – they need internet connection to play the videos.

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