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Why is MySociaLife’s insight so important to teachers?

Teachers have made a commitment to help realise the potential of learners. While it may not always be easy, it is so often rewarding. However, smart devices and social media have often created havoc in schools, with students, with respect to attention span, fatigue, focus, bullying, and a host of adolescent struggles that play out at this age, but are magnified online.

Any help is welcome. Not just for students, but for parents, for teachers, and for school leaders. Too few understand the complexity of the app landscape and social media to navigate the challenges.

We train the trainers

When we commence training in schools, we educate the teachers and the parents to align with them with what’s unfolding in our student session, but also how they can support students and children. We show teachers the latest apps, trends, risks, online safety issues, and the opportunities that are available if we embrace technology.

Even the most resistant teachers have provided feedback that this program is an essential partner in daily school life. Let us educate your educators in an area that will only help all involved.

Creating robust (and relevant) social media policy in schools

90% of social media policies are irrelevant, out-of-date, and a risk to the school’s reputation. Many education institutions are simply not covered by the documents that they are asking parents and students to sign, leaving them wide open to reputational and legal risk.

MySociaLife is in the fortunate position to teach Grade 4 to 11 students on a weekly basis, and this provides us with the unique vantage point in South Africa – to remain aligned with the most real and relevant risks that face the student. And the school.

Shaping digital culture by supporting the principal

A school, in one regard, is a business. And the leader has a great responsibility on their shoulders to manage the daily activities of its employees, and its customers. And yet, in the last few years, one area of our life – digital culture – has left most principals at risk, isolated, and ill-informed. Social media is not just an issue of online safety, it’s a matter of reputation or (occasionally) crisis management.

MySociaLife tactfully works with principals to guide them on social policy, teacher training, and the risks related to both reputation and online safety.

Guiding school counselors

Partnering with one of South Africa’s leading child (cognitive) behaviour therapists, David Rosenstein, we are (as far as we know) the first social media educator in the world to deliver delivering a 60-minute video program to school counsellors and mental health professionals around the world, on social and digital media, examining the latest apps and technology that are causing mental health issues – depression, anxiety, body image, for example – in young learners and teenagers, and proposing possible approaches and solutions.

Principal, Kingswood
David Wright, Principal at Kingswood, Grahamstown

``MySociaLife has taken the school by storm. We had several girls approach us to tell us how amazing the programme was (this is unusual – we normally need to source feedback). Dean maintained a high energy throughout and was simply an excellent presenter! We love the concept of the programme with repeated message delivery as opposed to the one-hit-wonders where the message is short-lived with large gaps between presentations. MySociaLife is a broad approach tackling numerous topics that extend well beyond simply managing social media.``

Grade 4 Teacher
Grade 4 Teacher, DSG Grahamstown

``I thought you related and connected very well to this age group (Grade 4) The imagery you used was very relevant to them and they could relate to physical symbols like the precious egg and the locked house, translating them further in their minds into what they needed to do to remain safe digitally. The range of topics as well as your delivery was diverse and spot on for this age and stage.”

Deputy Head, Reddam House Durbanville
Catriona Olsen, Deputy Head, Reddam Durbanville

``Dean has delivered modules once a term for the past 2 years to our students, parents, and staff. He has helped our school community to understand the pressures of the current digital climate in a relaxed, informed manner.``

Head of Curriculum, Western Province Preparatory School (WPPS)
Shar Witty, Head of Curriculum, WPPS

``The MySociaLife Programme is highly relevant in the age in which we find ourselves. As schools we have to equip our students with the necessary skills to manage in an online world. Dean consults with a Brains Trust that informs and critiques his content. The modules are thorough and will allow students to grapple with a number of real issues which many face on a daily basis. Western Province Prep is delighted to have embarked on a partnership with MySociaLife.``

One of the best proof points we have is that teachers have been so welcoming and so supportive. They truly believe in what we do, and its importance in their students’ lives.

You are teachers. We are teachers. We sit in a strange new world of integrating a new digital landscape of social media and technology into traditional schooling and school/family values. In one sense, we share the same purpose and the same challenge, but we enter through different doorways.

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What Psychologists Say About Us

We started out by testing our content with our toughest audience – mental health specialists – before we moved to focus on schools and parents

Course Director
Dean McCoubrey

A parent of teens and pre-teens, Dean has been an expert in traditional, digital and social media for over 20 years. From this perspective, he realised that kids could benefit from guidance around the evolving nature of the media. His passion is education and guidance for young learners to develop their awareness and resilience.

Consultant Child Therapist
Dr. David Rosenstein

David Rosenstein works with children, teenagers, and adults in the areas of anxiety and depression, as well as phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic, psychological trauma, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, and ADHD: ``Dean has tirelessly researched, networked, trialed and consulted with experts to provide a balanced view on the technology, mental health dangers, and the solutions that extend into forming positive habits and developing an awareness of what is right and wrong, safe or strong.``

Project Manager
Mary-Ann Hut

Mary-Ann is an amazing organiser. She has the ability to retain a phenomenal amount of information, collate and then organise it into actions to be completed. Her skills extend into social media and digital marketing as well as direct communications and managing partner relationships. She's a real gem.

MSL on social media: Follow us @MySociaLifeSA

How We Do What We Do

Technology is a runaway train. Somehow we have to try to keep up, for our kids’ sake.

Extensive research

MySociaLife has been the end result of two years of extensive research and collaboration

Daily Alerts

We receive daily bulletins from our partners or peers globally to track technology and cases

Brains Trust

We combine the insights from leading educators, teachers and a group of parents and learners to stay abreast of ``reality``

Global partners

We have commenced discussions with local and international partners that specialise in different areas of relevance - cyberbullying, sexting, privacy, latest apps

The Inside Track

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