Do you have the tools to understand, and support, teens and pre-teens online?

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This 45-minute video Program, broken into 6 sections, is presented by a leading digital citizenship education company, MySociaLife. The organisation’s founder and lead educator teaches thousands of Grade 4 to 12 students each term of the school year and through workshops and listening to the feedback of these students he has a profound understanding of the issues they face – and these hail from many areas.

Rare insights from this Program will help any health professional – GPs, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, EdPsychs, CBT professionals, and school counsellors – to better understand the basics of the complex teen and pre-teen social media landscape. In addition, it proposes some tools, books, resources and even apps that can support the health professionals to dig deeper into the topic or to support the tweenager/patient that may be experiencing a difficulty online.

Who needs the Program?

We originally presented this content to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Africa, Child Psychiatry Unit, under the request of Dr. Willem de Jager, Principal Psychologist, with an audience that included senior medical professionals, through to final year students and interns, and the response was extremely positive, even from the younger audience members. From this foundation, we have then returned to Red Cross Children’s Hospital on a number of occasions to continue the education of psychologists, unpacking different topics. We have additionally been invited to General Practitioner (GP) conferences, as well as assist in specific online-related cases with another child psychiatry unit in our country, with the patient’s details kept anonymous.

This Program will help provide insights and further an understanding of life online for:

  • GPs
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • EdPsychs
  • CBT professionals
  • Mental health counsellors
  • And school counsellors

Why does it matter?

It’s so important for clinicians and counsellors to be up to date with the new landscape of childhood and adolesence because teens especially frequently express the reality that adults simply “don’t get it” – in terms of what they are looking at, why it’s interesting and entertaining, why they need it, what the pressures are, and the ongoing judgement about the “inane” content they consume.

Without an understanding of the landscape, apps and trends, you may not be able to reach your clients or students in their worlds, depending on whether you are working in school or supporting them externally.

What if I don’t think it’s good value?

In the menu of the website you will see that we return your money if you are dissatisfied, within 14 days of purchase.

Once I’ve finished the course, what next?

After finishing the course, you will be able to make contact with us (either our technical expert or psychologist) to discuss any questions which remain unanswered. This access to a leading expert is extremely useful to those that need help in understanding the apps and platforms used by teens and pre-teens.